Ola cabs app offers, coupons and New User Promo codes

Ola cab is a well-known company in India to get cabs at affordable prices at any time of the day. The aim of the company is to provide hassle free transport services to all customers. The company was founded on 3rd December 2010 by Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Aggarwal and is operating in more than 100 cities and running more than 2 lakh cars. They offer different category of services from economy to luxury and also sharing. Ola cabs booking can be done through mobile app of Ola cabs which makes it an easy option. Besides transportation, the company is also providing Ola Café, Ola Money, Ola Store etc. to its customers. Ola Cabs is serving thousands of people in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and many more cities.

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Ola Cabs Services

Ola cab offers numerous services such as cab, stores, money, corporate etc. to the people and it also has Outstation and rental services to suit customer’s needs. Outstation service allows customers to book cab service in advance using Ola cabs app, whereas in rental service, cab can be taken on rent using hourly packages. You can get Ola cabs free download from play store or google and start using the services.  The best part is that the Ola cab fares are reasonable and everyone can afford it.

Ola cabs deals, offers, coupon, and discount

There are a number of Ola cabs login offers, Ola cabs offers for new users, coupons, etc. to make the most out of your ride with Ola cabs. All that you need to do is download the app and click to get a cab; it is as easy as that.  Booking the cab is super easy and you just need to enter the coupon code to get cashback and discount on your ride. There are also exclusive offers for new users which can be used by first time riders to save some bucks.

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Ola cabs cancellation and changes

Just like booking a cab, cancelling is easy too. If cab does not show up on fixed date or time, you get full refund by the company. But, if a cab gets late, you can call the customer support to offer you immediate service. In case of delays, by more than 5 minutes you can cancel the booking without paying any extra charges and your whole money is refunded. But, if cab is booked in share, cancellation even after 2 minutes of booking will be chargeable with a cancellation fee.

The customer care is very dedicated to solve the queries of customers. In case of any query or assistance, customers can go to Ola App and select support icon to get the assistance. Otherwise you can call on numbers: 080 673 509 00 or 080 466 55 300.

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